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Introducing Our Comprehensive Employee Handbook Template - Your Guide to Workplace Excellence!


Welcome to a new era of organizational clarity and employee empowerment! Our meticulously crafted Employee Handbook Template boasts a detailed Table of Contents of what is inside the Handbook designed to cover every aspect of your business's policies and procedures. In red writting you will see where you need to add your company's information and policies. The highlighted sections are meant for you to decide if they pertain to your business.


Here's a sneak peek into what it offers in its 41 pages:



A. Description of Handbook: Unveil the purpose and significance of your handbook.
B. Welcome Statement: Set the tone with a warm welcome to new and existing team members.
C. Mission Statement: Align everyone with your business's core values and mission.



A. Employment at Will: Clarify the nature of employment.
B. Equal Employment Opportunity: Foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.
C. Policy Against Harassment: Create a safe and respectful environment.
D. Reasonable Accommodation: Ensure fair treatment for all employees.
E. Immigration Law Compliance: Navigate the legal landscape confidently.
F. Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation: Safeguard your business's sensitive information.
G. Open Door Policy: Promote open communication within the organization.
H. Solicitation and Distribution of Literature: Set guidelines for external communications.
I. Dating in the Workplace: Address relationships professionally.
J. Conflicts of Interest / Outside Employment: Ensure ethical conduct.
K. Progressive Discipline: Outline the disciplinary process.



A. Employment Categories: Define various employment classifications.
B. Introductory Period: Set expectations for the initial employment period.
C. Anniversary Date: Clarify employment milestones.
D. Personnel Data Changes: Keep records updated.
E. Reference Checks: Provide insights into the hiring process.



A. Working Hours and Schedule: Define regular working hours.
B. Timekeeping: Ensure accurate recording of working hours.
C. Overtime: Outline policies regarding extra hours.
D. Meals and Breaks: Define break times and meal policies.
E. Food Purchasing and Consumption: Address workplace dining policies.
F. Pay Periods: Clarify payroll cycles.
G. Pay Deductions: Outline reasons for salary deductions.
H. Replacement Paychecks: Provide guidance on paycheck issues.
I. Direct Deposit: Encourage electronic payment methods.
J. Tips: Address guidelines for tip-related income.
K. Inclement Weather and Other Emergencies: Guide employees during unforeseen events.



A. Employee Conduct and Work Rules: Establish guidelines for behavior at the workplace.
B. Drug and Alcohol Use: Outline policies on substance use.
C. Food Employee Reporting Agreement: Address food industry-specific regulations.
D. Policy Against Violence in the Workplace: Ensure a safe work environment.
E. Punctuality and Attendance: Set expectations for timeliness.
F. Job Abandonment: Define procedures for unexplained absences.
G. Professionalism and Personal Appearance: Guide employees on professional conduct.
H. Use of Equipment: Define guidelines for equipment use.
I. Use of Telephones/Cellular Phones/Headsets, Faxes: Address communication tools.
J. Email, Voicemail, Faxing, Instant Messaging, Blogs, Social Networking and Computer Systems: Establish digital communication policies.
K. Internal Investigations and Searches: Outline procedures for workplace investigations.
L. Smoking: Define smoking policies.
M. Illness and Accidents: Address procedures for health emergencies.
N. Safety: Promote a safe working environment.
O. Visitors in the Workplace: Provide guidelines for visitors.
P.  Return of Property: Outline the return of company property.
Q. Personal Property: Address personal belongings at the workplace.



A. Performance Evaluations: Establish a framework for employee assessments.
B. Salary and Wage Reviews: Provide insights into compensation adjustments.



A. Medical and Dental Insurance: Outline health insurance details.
B. Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Address workplace injury compensation.
C. Benefits Continuation (COBRA): Guide employees on post-employment benefits.



A. Personal Time (Non-Supervisors/Managers): Address personal time off policies.
B. Earned Sick Time (Non-Supervisors/Managers): Outline sick leave policies.
C. Holidays: Define holiday policies.
D. Funeral or Bereavement Time Off: Provide guidelines for bereavement leave.
E. Jury/Witness Duty: Address time off for legal obligations.
G. Parental Leave: Provide policies for new parents.
H. Family and Medical Leave (FMLA): Guide employees on FMLA regulations.
I. Small Necessities Leave Act (SNLA): Address small necessities leave.
J. Domestic Violence Leave: Provide guidelines for domestic violence leave.
K. Military Leave: Outline policies for military service.



A. Employee Agreement: Capture employee acknowledgment of handbook receipt.


Empower your business with our comprehensive Employee Handbook Template – a versatile solution for small businesses, new or existing. Save time, ensure compliance, and foster a positive workplace culture. Invest in your business’s success today!


📌 Disclaimers for Your Peace of Mind

1. Legal Clarity Disclaimer:
   - This document is intended to guide and assist small businesses in creating their own employee handbook.

   - P11 Marketing Group is not responsible or liable for the legality of the document.
   - Please ensure compliance with your state bylaws and seek legal advice if necessary.


2. Formatting Variation Notice:
   - Due to different versions of Microsoft Word and variations in document templates, formatting may appear differently.
   - We recommend reviewing and adjusting the document as needed to suit your preferences.


3. Customer Support Assistance:
   - For help or assistance after purchasing the product, our dedicated support team is here for you.
   - Reach out to us at with any queries or concerns.


Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to providing you with a smooth experience.


Thank you for choosing P11 Marketing Group!

Employee Handbook For Small Businesses


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